Optimising means buying what you really need at low prices.

Reducing costs is vital to every business. But optimising does not only mean buying cheap, but buying well, buying what one really needs.


We cut your costs
aVanzaria studies its clients’ whole set of annual purchases. Based on this analysis, we provide different services to implement and different categories to optimise.
Some of the projects we have carried out:
  • Cost reduction projects
  • Transformation of the purchasing function
  • Procedure design and implementation
  • Collaborative negotiation training
  • Supplier risk management
  • Definition of the supply-chain Strategic Plan
Based on this Strategic Purchasing Analysis our clients have a roadmap of categories to work on, the ideal solution for each one, with their corresponding timetable and savings goals.

1. We act on the purchasing categories stipulated in the Strategic Plan, seeing to their optimisation by conducting online negotiations.
2. We implement the other services indicated in the Strategic Analysis:

  • Finding qualified suppliers. The approval of suppliers with products or services of equal or higher quality, at competitive prices.
  • Supplier development. Medium-term agreements with existing partners for the manufacture of new products or the expansion of services offered.
  • Optimisation of suppliers in critical categories. Long-term collaboration with existing suppliers to optimise their costs and share the savings achieved in the improvement process.
At aVanzaria we integrate with our clients, take ownership of their goals and, in short, become their partners. We offer you services that serve to improve your supply chain, and manage the change that all this entails. We motivate organisations with regards to their supply chain strategy, and bolster their strengths.