Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aVanzaria experience?

The aVanzaria team boasts experience with the procurement of more than 220 different goods/services.
The project was developed in the second half of 2009, and operations got underway in the first quarter of 2010. It constitutes an initiative launched by experts in procurement from international cost optimisation consultancies.

What can you offer our company?

Our most important contribution is reduced procurement costs. To this end we provide support to purchasing departments, which lead the projects. We also provide a 360° view of the world of suppliers through a thorough market study.
All this, in an environment of transparency and traceability in purchasing management.

How can you guarantee the confidentiality of our information?

All our clients’ information is confidential. We sign an agreement with them pledging to consider all information private, and to handle it accordingly.

How do you ensure the quality of the products/services contracted?

The assurance of quality and contracting conditions are aspects we see to very carefully in our collaborations. To this end, we select our suppliers based on our clients’ needs. In this way, only companies that meet objective quality and service requirements participate in the negotiations.

After selecting the suppliers, they are approved. Thus, we verify our suppliers’ and collaborators’ compliance with our quality and service requirements.

Once approved, suppliers are objectively monitored through a set of key indicators that alert us when it is necessary to implement corrective measures.

Will we maintain cordial relationships with our suppliers after a project to improve our supply chain?

The surveys we have conducted with suppliers participating in these projects demonstrate their satisfaction with the improvement process carried out.

In fact, many of the improvements achieved in our clients’ supply chains enhance the flow of information between them and their suppliers.

Why should I change suppliers if I'm happy with the service I'm getting?

Our value proposition is to ensure that our clients have the optimal suppliers for them, in terms of both quality and service. We only work with companies that meet these objective characteristics. Therefore, a change in supplier may not be necessary.

How is supplier management technology integrated into our CRM?’s technology can be integrated into the client’s CRM, depending on the versions and data output requirements. We carry out a customised study for each company of the database interconnection and costs involved.