Being competitive and efficient means paying attention to every detail

In today’s competitive environment, little details can make a big difference. Each one of them contributes to business processes being efficient and constituting a genuine competitive advantage.

We are experts in procurement

Our team has carried out more than 40 projects, improving purchasing in more than 220 categories or families of products/services. Average savings achieved in the optimized categories: 8.5%.

We use a proven method

We employ a proven procedure for procurement, and apply the latest technology, featuring a powerful tool for online negotiations.

We understand the specific needs of our clients and the specific characteristics of each purchase. Each category negotiated has its idiosyncrasies. At aVanzaria we define, together with our clients, the scope of the tasks to be completed, their duration, and milestones, with the client validating each stage of the process. We shorten the total duration of the purchasing cycle, minimising the time spent by our clients on procurement management by 40%. And we perfect our approach through the implementation of improvements, the result of our Six Sigma mindset.

We cut costs

Save, save and save. This is the obsession of many companies and the key to their competitiveness and efficiency. It is, therefore, essential to understand the complexity and characteristics of today’s markets. On each procurement management project we take on this challenge, applying the most stringent quality assurance requirements and deadlines with a view to obtaining the most competitive price on the market.

The prime value delivered by our solutions is the economic optimisation of purchases. Our solutions are synonymous with savings, improving our clients’ bottom lines, as cost reduction is one of the most effective ways to maximise a company’s profits.