There is nobody better to talk to about our work than our clients

Our work is focused on results. This is the aim of our clients and, as such, ours too. Therefore, no one can vouch for our projects and results better than our clients.

What our clients say about us

“Achieving the goals set is our focus on every project, and by collaborating with aVanzaria we saw the results we were after, in terms of savings, quality and deadlines. In addition, the implementation of best practices in approval, selection and awarding provided all our company’s departments with security. Collaborating with aVanzaria has been a very worthwhile experience.”

Manuel Carvajal.

Purchasing Manager, Portinox Thielmann.

Portinox, a Teka Group company, was founded in 1965 and is based in the province of Granada. Its core business is the transformation of stainless steel into a wide variety of industrial products.

“The search for alternative suppliers that make it possible to optimise your business model and offer a product that stands out is an undertaking that requires time and resources that are difficult to find when you are absorbed by your daily activities. The perspective aVanzaria has given us of the emergency lighting market in Europe, providing us with a number of potential suppliers for our business in Portugal and Brazil, will allow us to increase our exclusive catalogue and, with it, our business.”

Alberto Barbosa.

General Director, ALFILUX.

Alfilux is a leading lighting company in Portugal, dedicated to the marketing of lighting solutions.

“It was the first time we used an online trading tool in our procurement processes, and it has provided us with significant cost reductions. aVanzaria’s management also enabled us to reduce the purchase cycle and improve our base of regular suppliers. Working with aVanzaria is an experience that we recommend to other companies – provided that we’re not competing on the same projects, of course.”

Sergio Rico.

Managing Director, HIRIMASA.

Hirimasa, founded in 1972, is dedicated to the construction and sale of homes in the Community of Madrid and the Community of Castile-La Mancha. It also carries out partial and complete Civil Works projects, independently and with third parties.

“The improvement to our bottom line is the main plus that working with aVanzaria has given us. Their methodology, in accord with the objectives we set with them, their speed in the execution of operations, and the transparency of the process, using the latest negotiation technologies, confirmed aVanzaria as the ideal partner in the purchasing area. Incorporating the market’s best market practices, analysing our objective needs, and giving us solutions to make the right decisions were the keys to their strong performance. We are fully satisfied with the quality of their work, their commitment and, above all, the results of our collaboration with aVanzaria.”

Julio Simarro.

Purchasing Manager, CONGALSA.

Congalsa was founded in the early 90s, and has since been dedicated to the production of pre-cooked, seafood-based frozen foods. It has 3 factories producing lines of breaded products, frozen dough, and natural products.

They have placed their trust in us

We also work with the public sector

aVanzaria provides an online tool adapted to the different needs of public entities. Our flexibility, with a configurable electronic tendering tool, has allowed us to meet the most stringent demands of various public bodies. Our experience extends throughout Europe. Some of the public entities we work with include: