about improving

We believe that improvement is not a process or a goal that is ever fully reached or completed. Rather, it is part of the culture, attitudes and values of leading companies. An engine driving progress.

What we believe in

Our values are the hallmark of all those forming part of aVanzaria. Based on them we establish and cultivate relationships with our partners, clients and suppliers.

FACTS AND RESULTS: these are the foundation of our work. Each project features clearly defined objectives in terms of economic savings and deadlines. Our priority is to achieve tangible and measurable objectives, and for our clients to be fully satisfied with the solutions implemented.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. Nothing works so well that there is no room for improvement. It is in that narrow margin separating the good from the great where we continually implement improvements to our method and the technology we use. It is only in this way that we can ensure that the results of the next purchase transaction will be equal to or better than the last.

THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. We seek to obtain results even better than those established at the beginning of each purchase operation. We learn on each project and from each buyer and supplier.

Our tool: Communication

We are a highly-qualified team of experts in procurement, driven to achieve the objectives set through collaboration with our clients. We do this by strengthening the ties between companies and the relationships between people. The tool we use to achieve this is Communication.

Manuel Ramos Maroño

Manuel Ramos Maroño

General Director

Mercedes Marcos Juárez

Mercedes Marcos Juárez

Chief Financial Officer

Álvaro González Jiménez

Álvaro González Jiménez

Chief Operating Officer

Our goal

Our business vision is to cultivate long-term relationships through which we can give the best of ourselves and take advantage of our expanded knowledge of our clients’ needs. Our goal is to become expert partners in our clients’ supply chains.