Improving and advancing: a constant goal of every business

Our job is to cut your costs and identify all the opportunities to improve your company so that it operates with the efficiency you need.

We improve your bottom line

We believe that improvements are one of the most effective sources of leverage to advance. Advancing allows us to give the best of ourselves and to grow our organisations. At aVanzaria we foster improvements, implementing cost reduction projects. We work with our clients, as their partners, helping them to achieve their savings targets.

Our average savings on cost reduction projects, depending on our client’s field, range from 6.5% to 10.5%.

How we do it

1) We ANALYZE the procurement procedures of our clients and their prices.
2) We DEFINE, with their purchasing team, the actions to take to achieve their savings goals.
3) We IMPLEMENT best practices in processes and the most innovative technologies in negotiations with suppliers.
These enhancements reduce product procurement prices, and with equal or better supply conditions.

Why to choose us

EXPERIENCE. We are experts in purchasing and project implementation, with a strong client-based approach. We have worked with a broad range of different kinds of clients, from multinationals to family businesses, in different sectors and industries, and with different needs, to reach their objectives.

METHODOLOGY. Our working procedure has a proven track record, working with various types of procurement and different product categories.

TECHNOLOGY. We use the most innovative software to compare the experiences of suppliers and their technical and economic conditions in order to negotiate prices and manage contracts.

COMMITMENT. We work closely with our clients, integrating with them, becoming part of their structure, forming a mixed team and committing ourselves to reaching their goals.


Our technology partner: we draw upon the technology of our technological partner, Eu-supply, a specialist in the development of purchasing management software for procurement contracts for private companies and bid processes for public and private entities. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Partner on energy efficiencyaVanzaria collaborates with its partner on energy efficiency projects, DICyP, a specialized engineering company, since 1992 boasting extensive experience in plant engineering, maintenance, and energy optimization.

aVanzaria is also a member of AERCE: the Association of Procurement, Contracting and Supply Professionals in Spain.

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